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The company BLACKDOG COILS, s.l is a Spanish company located in Madrid. All BLACKDOG COILS products have the CE marking. Our products are manufactured in accordance with all the legal and technical manufacturing requirements of the European Union and, therefore, are made in accordance with the mandatory law of the European Union (directive 93/68/EEC) We manufacture coils compatible with detectors of metals of the main brands on the market and for their different models. The highest quality materials are used in the manufacture of the coils and detectors, to offer a final product that is unique in the market.". see more

  • Plato detector de metales Blackdog Garret APEX
    Blackdog has opened another world in terms of creating metal detectors, such as coils adapted for all kinds of brands. The Garrett Apex has undoubtedly been one of the most Leer más
  • Plato detector de metales Blackdog Max
    If you have ever noticed that your Garrett metal detector falls short when it comes to searching, or simply does not mark where another detector is capable of finding, then Leer más
  • Plato detector de metales Blackdog Max
    If we look at the different stores in the world, we will find that almost all stores do not have dishes other than those that come standard with an underwater Leer más