The company BLACKDOG COILS, sl is a Spanish company located in Madrid.

All BLACKDOG COILS products have the CE marking . Our products are manufactured in accordance with all the legal and technical manufacturing requirements of the European Union and, therefore, are made in accordance with the mandatory law of the European Union (directive 93/68/EEC).

We manufacture coils compatible with metal detectors of the main brands on the market and for their different models. The highest quality materials are used in the manufacture of the coils and detectors, to offer a final product that is unique in the market.

We have also launched the first Hybrid detector in history, capable of combining pulse induction and low frequency (VLF) technologies in the same detector. We can say that it is the best depth detector in history and all this made by BLACKDOG engineers.

Our technical department is made up of specialized engineers, with many years of experience in the manufacture of metal detectors, fully developing all products in our laboratory.

All the products that you can purchase from the BLACKDOG brand are tested and reviewed by the technical staff of our company. In this way, we can offer a high quality product and with which users will be able to obtain a successful result.

BLACKDOG COILS products are sold through our distributors, which you can find in different countries around the world. See our list of distributors.